I wrote this a looong time ago at maybe 15-16 years old and those were valid concerns I had and maybe a little bit of exagerating because let’s be clear that’s what teenagers do. I thought I had surpassed those fears until I started feeling this way again lately… So I decided to post it.  […]

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Happy New Year!

2016 is coming to a close. And even though I should be studying my law lessons right now instead of writing this article, I wanted to take a moment out of my very boring, very tiring and hectic schedule to do a retrospective of this year. One thing we can all agree on is that […]

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If I had known…

If I had known, I wouldn’t have signed up for this. If I had known, I would have run in the other direction. If I had known, I would have done something, anything to stop it. I would have frozen the time. Gotten rid of all of the clocks. I would have basked in my […]

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I don’t know…

I hate feeling like this. I truly do. I despise feeling like this. Feeling like… Ugh. It kills me to say this word. Failure. Yes, I am feeling like a failure. Right now, at least, I am. As I sit in front of my computer reluctantly preparing myself to write my Criminal law paper, It […]

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My Beacon of Hope.

It is 3:40AM and once again I feel the urge of putting my thoughts into the light. Somehow, i don’t know why, i keep getting these bouts of inspiration at some of the most ungodly hours of the day. I should be fast asleep by now, i have an alarm set for 9:15AM but here […]

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The Power of Love.

I look around me. All I can see are the smiling faces of my girls. All I can hear is the boisterous sound of their laughter. And all I can feel is happiness. True, unadulterated, raw happiness. This is exactly what I needed after the horrible week I’ve had. My Girls. Chocolate. Wine. Board Games. […]

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