About Me 

 Hmm what can I tell you about me? 

Well for starters i’m a girl. 19 years old. Born & raised in Tunisia & recently moved out to live in Toulouse, France.

 I’m a law student so i love law, politics & all the nerdy stuff that come with it :p

I’ve always loved writing because it offers me a space where i can say whatever i want to. Be whoever i want to be. Dream big. And no one can judge me. My words, my world, my rules.

With my love of writing comes my love of reading books & diving into stories where you can forget everything about your reality & live in that moment with that character you admire. You can dream about becoming that person & i always found inspiration, insight, peacefulness & solace while reading books. 

As you may have noticed by now, i’m a BIG nerd. And i like it. 

But don’t worry i don’t only live surrounded by books, papers & ink because god forbid that would be an anomaly in the 21st century. I have TV. I have internet. I have facebook. I have twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. 

And so with all of that comes my second addiction in the form of a TV show : SCANDAL. The tv drama created by Shonda Rhimes also creator of Grey’s Anantomy. So friendly warning i intend to write a lot about Scandal because it’s a big part of my life & has changed me in so many ways. So beware. 

But Scandal won’t be the only thing that i will talk about here. You’ll probably find posts about my country, Tunisia. Also random posts about my thoughts, my dreams & my life. 

So i hope you’ll enjoy reading this blog as much as i’ll enjoy writing it. & if a thought hits you while reading don’t be afraid to leave a comment.





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