Yellow Lights

Sometimes, I have a hard time finding the right words to express what I’m feeling so I seek refuge in another person’s words. This time, a song did just that for me. “Don’t cut the lights Just take it slow We’re moving fast We’ve lost control But, I feel safe with you Love is brave, […]

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He’s everywhere. Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, everywhere I turn, he’s there. He’s talking to me, laughing with me, listening to me, arguing with me, joking around with me. Messing with my head. He’s everywhere. Sometimes, our hands touch, our eyes meet, our laughs resonate and my heart soars. He’s everywhere. Even in my […]

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THAT kind of love.

In my personal dictionary, the book that holds all of my truest and deepest emotions, there are a couple of words I dread. I dread the word “Sickness”, I dread the word “Death”, I dread the word “Loneliness” and I dread the word “Love”. And these last couple of weeks, I’ve really been thinking about […]

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My history with love hasn’t been the greatest one or the most prolific over the years. If we had to do a movie about my life, I would probably play the role of the supportive & loyal best friend, scheming & thinking of ways to bring the two protagonists together than of the main character, […]

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In Formation 🐝

Being Mary Jane. Mary Jane Paul is a news anchor who has a successful career but is experiencing some troubles in her personal life and one too many heartaches. That seemed like the perfect pitch for a lazy girly weekend. So I indulged in binge watching from Saturday night all through this present moment, which […]

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