My Beacon of Hope.

It is 3:40AM and once again I feel the urge of putting my thoughts into the light.

Somehow, i don’t know why, i keep getting these bouts of inspiration at some of the most ungodly hours of the day. I should be fast asleep by now, i have an alarm set for 9:15AM but here I am writing.

Tonight or rather should i say today, i feel the urge of writing about one the most inspiring, most brilliant, most talented and most spirited woman I know. One of the good people. One of the best people. My inspiration, my role model.

Kerry Washington.

Now whenever i feel the urge of writing about Kerry i always have one question in my mind: Where do I begin?

I don’t know where to begin because she’s more than just a person. She’s an energy, she’s a dream,she’s a teacher, she’s hope and she’s love. At least to me she is.

The energy she puts into everything she does, whether it be to play Olivia Pope on a daily or to write a speech about the power of Tv representation, the motivation she has to make this world a better place for all is a never ending source of inspiration.

I look at her, at how far she has come and how far she still has and wants to go, i hear her speak and i see the way she carries herself in the world, i hear her costars talking about how great of a leader and a person she is, i see her humbleness, her love for her work and for her fans, her commitment to her country and to the world in general and.. She’s a dream to me.

I only wish one day i can be half as great as she is…

She makes me want to dream big and work hard. She makes me dream of achieving all of my dreams. She makes me feel that everything is possible even if most things seem impossible.

She’s the person that taught me one of the most valuable lessons in life :

“The world needs your story because the world needs your voice.”

In other terms, Don’t be silent. Speak up. You have a voice. And that voice matters. Use it.

Make yourself heard!

She’s the hope that genuine, real, kind and loving people still exist in this world.

She’s simply love personified.

In a world lead by the comfort of divisiveness and the fear of diversity, where Hate seems to be trumping Love, where uniqueness is not the norm but rather the anomaly, where misogyny and sexual harrasment are normalized as “locker room talk”, where racism is a mean to making a country “great again” and where ignorance is the new example for the new generation of kids…

Kerry Washington is my light in the darkness.

She’s my beacon of hope that maybe, just maybe, there are more people like her all over the world and that maybe, just maybe, we will all come together as not particules of humanity, at odds but as humanity as a whole, united and stronger together.

I talked in my last post about the importance of surrounding yourself with love. Well, surrounding yourself with hope is just as important.

My best friends and family are my loves.

Kerry Washington is my hope. And for that, i am deeply grateful for her and to her.

Find your hope people and surround yourself with your love and when you’ll feel warm enough, pick up yourself from wherever you are, gather your words, sharpen your thoughts and go to bat for what you believe in.

Because you know what Kerry Washington also taught me? That i can be the leader in my own life.

Go be the leader in your own lives too! 


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