The land of “I, The President”

What has happened to us?

What has happened to humanity?

What has happened to this world?

What has happened to the people of this world?

How are we living in a reality where ONE man can, by his own will, seal with a simple signature the lives of millions of people?

How can ONE man be responsible of tearing families apart, throwing futures to the flames, turning the world upside down?

The Muslim Ban feels so surreal. It’s like we’ve been propelled back to when the Berlin wall was first built in 1961.

And in 1992, when the wall was destroyed and families were reunited and the world thought “Never Again” no one suspected that 25 years later, History would be trying to repeat itself.

Yet here we are.

January 28th 2017. Screaming, yelling, standing and resisting against a Muslim Ban. Against an act that forbids all refugees from entering the United States for 120 days and Syrian refugees indefinitely, an act that gives priority to Christians fleeing persecution over Muslims. As if the lives of Christians are more worth saving than the lives of Muslims…

Are we that far gone?

Have we become irrevocably evil?

Has our souls been lost to Satan, burning in the confines of hell?

When did we become so ugly?

When did we become so hateful?

Where is all this hatred coming from?

Tonight, I can’t help but feel angry, confused, shocked, disrespected as a muslim, demoralized and deeply, profoundly and utterly sad.

As hot tears are streaming down my face, I want to scream at the top of my lungs in the hopes that my cries will reach the White House and fall into a certain person’s ears. Although I doubt that will make him change much of his opinion… He is after all, a petulant, spoiled and disrespectful child.

But I still have hope that if I roar and that if millions of us roar too, that it won’t fall on deaf ears.

I still have hope when I see how quickly the protests are forming on social media and on the ground where people are gathering in front of airports to protest and resist and fight back.

However, no amount of hope can make me underestimate what is happening in The Unites States right now. No amount of positive vibes can make my heart not feel the gut wrenching sadness that it’s feeling.

Because, in just a week of time, I have seen America the Land of the free becoming the Land of the Rich.

I have seen America the Land of progress becoming the Land of Retrogression.

I have seen America the Land of dreams becoming the Land of fears.

I have seen America the Land of the possible becoming the Land of the impossible if you are not a white rich man.

And finally, I have seen America the Land of “We The people” becoming the Land of “I, The president”.


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