I woke up this morning and just like every morning, the first thing I did was open my phone.

That’s when I saw the date “January 20th 2017”

And with a sigh I thought “Today is the day”.

In a few hours Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

Today is the day, yes. But today is not a good day. Today is not a bright day. Today is not a celebratory day.

Today is a sad day. For America, for the world and for all humanity.

Today is the day where a bigoted, misogynistic, racist and incapable human being becomes the president of the first power in the world.

Now I’ve had time to process it all. We’ve all had time…

But I just can’t wrap my head around it. It still seems so surreal.

And it’s not like Trump has made any effort, in his president-elect time, to reassure us that everything is going to be alright.

No. He just made matters worse.

His administration is a place only made for rich, white, conservatives males. Not a big surprise there.

His twitter is still a place calling for divisiveness and hatred. He tweeted about boycotting Hamilton because they ambushed poor Mike Pence at one of their representations –Rolling eyes emoji-

He tweeted about Meryl Streep being the most overrated actress in Hollywood because she dared use her voice at the Golden Globes –Another rolling eyes emoji-

And of course he didn’t stop his famous posts about the press. So not much has changed. He still hasn’t grown up.

He took actions about repealing the affordable care act; one of President’s Obama greatest achievements that has saved the lives of millions of Americans. But no, Donald doesn’t care about the millions of lives of Americans. He only cares about himself. How surprising.

Finally, I read last night that he wanted to cut back on The violence against women programs. Because let’s be real here, any violence made against women can be normalized as “Locker Room talk” or “Locker Room banter” and we can swipe it under the rug. Why spend money on developing programs that are obsolete? Duh America.

Sooo Today is pretty much going to feel like a replay of Election night and the morning after. Sad. Disappointing. Bitter.

I keep telling myself, ever since November 8th that I’m not American. So why do I care if Trump is president or Hillary is president or Obama stays for another 4 years?

Well, above all I’m human and I’m a citizen of this world and I can’t not care about our world. Because we all know that Trump’s election is going to affect the whole world.

Hopefully by 2020 the shape of the world won’t be in total disarray and shambles for the next president to fix it.

You better not make it a whole 8 years of a Trump presidency America. In fact, if you can make it less than 4 years of a Trump presidency, please do. Seize that chance.

Finally, I can’t end this article without saying a few words about President Obama. Regardless of his political agenda, which I know is controversial to some people in America and the world, no one can deny the fact that he was one of the greatest presidents. His integrity, his humbleness, his good spirits, his grace, his love for his family and the greater good will leave an unwavering mark on not only the United States but the whole world. Which is not something we can say about Donald Trump…

Find me a president and a First Lady as cool as Barack & Michelle Obama, I dare you.

Thank you President Obama and Thank You First Lady Michelle Obama.

You will be greatly missed.


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