It Hurts.

I have lived a great life.

And I’m still living a great life.

To be honest, ever since the day I came out of my mom’s womb, I have been privileged.

I’ve been brought up into a home of love, of great values, high spirits and knowledge.

I have no reason to whine or complain. I have no reason to throw tantrums and be ungrateful.

And for that, I am deeply grateful.

I have never experienced disappointment or heartache. I have never had to sit by and watch my life burn in flames.

And for that too, I am deeply grateful.

My gratefulness knows no boundaries because as I experience my first let down in life today, I realize how disappointment can be ugly and hurtful and upsetting.

I don’t want to keep talking about the US presidential elections but somehow I can’t help myself not to.

I don’t know how to cope with all that I’m feeling right now.

I wish I could press pause on my feelings because they are so overwhelming at this moment, so big, so confusing, so ugly and so hurtful.

So writing is my way of coping because I don’t know any other way to handle these feelings.

I woke up today to the news of Donald Trump officially becoming the 45th president of the United States and from that point, it went downhill.

All day, I’ve been reading tweets of Americans, respectful, patriotic americans who already are experiencing the consequences of this election.

It has not been a full 24 hours yet and we’ve already seen the Klu Klux Klan, covered faces and white robes on, shamelessly rejoicing in North Carolina.

It has not been a full 24 hours yet and I’ve already read countless of testaments of hatred being displayed in the bright light of day.

White supremacists urging an indian American guy to leave the United States now that Trump is president.

A muslim mom sending texts to her daughter telling her to quit wearing the Hijab in public.

A supportive mom pleading with her gay daughter to not display her love for women because she’s unsure of what a Trump presidency might hold for LGBTQs people.

This, all of this, is not okay. Nor can it ever be okay. This hatred, this fear cannot become the norm.

And all of this has affected me greatly. Me. The 20 years old Tunisian girl who lives miles & miles away from the United States.

I am not American. Yet today, I have cried my eyes out 3 times.

Why do I even care?

I care because these election results have shaken me to the core. They have shaken all of my beliefs.

I’m a true believer in politics, in democracy and in using your voice to impact change in the world. I’m a true believer in the greater good.

I’m also a true believer in kindness, in the magic of hope and faith and in the power of love.

I’m a true believer in the beauty of tolerance and open mindedness.

And today…

Today all of these things, all of my beliefs have been turned upside down.

And it hurts.


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