This is an open letter to the american people.

Dear American people,

I am a Tunisian girl. I’m 20 years old and I’m currently living in France where I study law.

I am miles & miles away from you.

Some may wonder why I’m dedicating this letter to you. Others will stop reading this after reading the word “Tunisian” and a few of you, I hope, will continue with me.

Dear American people,

You are hours away from electing your next president. A president that will serve you for the next 4 years. A president that will have to deal with a whole lot of national problems but also with even bigger international and geopolitical crises. A president that will have to put up a brave face in front of terrorism. A president that will have to tread lightly with nuclear weapons. A president that will have to think wisely and efficiently while dealing with environmental issues. Amongst other things.

And to do that, you have two candidates; Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

In this election, I am, what some may call, a foreigner. I’m not American nor do I live in the United States. Therefore, I don’t have any weight in this election. My opinion doesn’t matter to you, to your officials or to anyone really. And this is the exact same reason that has made me think twice about screaming, yelling and hollering that #ImWithHer.

But as I kept following the election news and watching all three debates, As I kept hearing Donald Trump’s outrageous and preposterous remarks about gay people, black people, Latinos, Muslims and really everyone except white American males…

I realized something :

Even if I’m not American, I am still a woman. And I’m still a Muslim. Therefore, what Donald Trump says about Muslims and women directly affects me. And it has. It was not pleasant to sit by and watch him talk about grabbing women by their pussies and forcing himself on them. It was not pleasant to hear him degrade black people and Latinos as if they’re not an important part of the American society. As if they’re not Americans.

Here you have a candidate preaching about divisiveness, wanting to make “America great again” by himself because he, alone, can fix it. A candidate that doesn’t value hard work. That doesn’t have an ounce of compassion or clarity for that matter. A candidate that spends more time drafting up tweets when he should be drafting up plans and bills and thinking about ways of making progress for all.

And then you have Hillary Clinton. The candidate that wants to bring people together and believes that we are stronger together. The candidate that has been a First lady, a United States senator and secretary of state. And through all of her offices has been an advocate for women’s rights, children right’s and ensuring a better life for every family. A woman that has been breaking glass ceilings for decades. An example for all girls and women across the globe. A testament that with hard work, motivation and commitment, the sky’s the limit.

So tonight, as this presidential election is coming to an end, I can’t contain it anymore. I can’t keep myself from screaming and yelling and hollering that #ImWithHer.

Dear American people,

Tomorrow, as you wake up and if you haven’t done it already, please go out to the polls and vote. Please use your voice. Let it be heard. There’s nothing worse than having your voice taken away from you. And I know what I’m talking about. Take it from the girl who lived in a country where democracy was a far-fetched idea for 23 years.

If you refuse to vote because you think your system is rigged, think about other countries! Think about the countries that are fighting and their people are dying for the democracy you already have. Think about your ancestors that have bled and died so you can today have a voice. Don’t let that go to waste. Use it.

In 2014, I voted for the first time in my country’s legislative and presidential elections. And since then, I can’t recall a moment in all of my 20 years where I felt prouder than that day. It is an indescribable feeling. One that I wish each and everyone of you can experience one day. Hopefully as soon as tomorrow.

As for me, tomorrow, I will be in front of my computer anxiously waiting for the final results hoping that all 319 millions of you are With Her.

Make us proud America. The world will be watching you.


A girl that aspires to become a Nasty Woman.



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