The promise…

The sun is rising in the sky as I sit in front of my computer.

The early morning breeze is slipping through my windows as I hopelessly coerce myself to sleep.

It is 5:30AM.

August 19th.

And my eyes are wide open.

My mind working. Thinking. Reeling.

One question is playing like a broken record. Over and over again.

Where did the summer go?

Where did all the night outs go?

Where did all the beach days go?

The family outings? The friends gatherings? The lazy summer days?

Where did my holidays go?

Because it seems just like yesterday that I was giddy with excitement packing my stuff, preparing myself to come back home after a whole year away from my family.

It seems just like yesterday that I was coming through the sliding doors of the aeroport and feeling one of my best friends pummel into me, her tears wetting my neck as I let a few tears of my own cascade down my cheeks.

It seems just like yesterday that I arrived to my parent’s house where family and friends gathered to celebrate my arrival, converse about my new life abroad and make plans for the summer all the while savoring the delicious meal my mom cooked in my honor.

That was june 28th. Probably one of the happiest days of my life.

We are today August 19th and in a little more than a week, I will be making my way back to France. To resume my law student life. Away from my friends. Away from my family. Away from my country.

So at now 5:42AM I’m asking myself… Where did the summer go?

My mind is still reeling. Still working. Going crazy.


I have no answer.

I have no clue.

Where did it indeed go?

Did I have that much fun that I lost count of all notion of time?


The thought of leaving my tunisian cocoon hurts though. And it’s also kinda scary. But I know it’s a necessary evil. One that will help me get to my dreams, one day.

And I’ll always have next summer right?


Because that’s the thought that’s keeping me going right now.

That’s the promise…

Next summer.


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