In the shoes of a diplomat…

So. This blog has been silent for a long time and I take full blame for it. But for my defense, I was really busy with finals and more recently I was busy with having the time of my life in the City of Light & Love, Paris.

These past 5 days, I literally lived the life of a diplomat and I enjoyed every second of it.

How? You’re wondering…

Well, I only have one word: PIMUN.

Or rather, Paris International Model United Nations.

The PIMUN is one of the Model United Nations conferences. The Model United Nations is a conference usually lasting between three and five days whose aim is to gather students from all over the world. The students are then called Delegates and they are each representing a country. Basically, the conference is a simulation of a diplomat’s work within the United Nations.

So yeah, for five days, I was representing the Ivory Coast. I was eating Ivory Coast, thinking Ivory Coast, sleeping Ivory Coast and breathing Ivory Coast.

For five days, I really got into the role of an Ivoirian diplomat fighting within the UNHRC   -The Human Rights council- as to find solutions to topics such as gender equality and the refugees crisis.

-Well trying really with my other fellow African delegates because let me tell you, being a small, poor and problematic country is no piece of cake when you’re at the negotiation table alongside the UK, France, Russia… to name a few-

While fighting to get recognized by the chairs, through speeches, moderated and unmoderated caucuses, while making amendments on resolutions and lobbying to rally other countries to your cause, you really come out of this experience a changed person. A better one. A more knowledgeable one.

On my committee, the UNHRC, we came up with two resolutions. A resolution being a formal text adopted by a United Nations body aiming to finding solutions to problems addressed by the UN.

First we spent 2 days debating on the principle of non Refoulement -an International Law principle that I’m sure will bore you to death if I explain it- and the refugees crisis.

Then we moved onto the subject of Gender Equality and empowering women and boy was that an interesting debate with countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Lebanon present at the table.

Well, that is the serious part of PIMUN lasting from 9:30AM until 7pm.

From 9pm until god knows when though…that’s a different story…

Because diplomats know how to have fun too there’s a party every night! From Committee dinners to pub crawls and clubbing until the break of dawn I found myself asking “What is sleep?”

And how can I not mention the romantism of diplomats? That’s their best and funniest quality. You have to know that a diplomat type of flirting is smooth. Really smooth.  Here are some exhibits that I’ve selected from the Spotted page of the conference:

Exhibit 1: To the self-centered chair of UNHRC, motion to use my wand to put a spell on you!

Exhibit 2: Dear Mali delegate, the degrees of your sexiness are higher than the Sahara’s.

Exhibit 3: The delegate of Germany is willing to go nuclear in your pants free zone ‪#‎DISEC 

And in case that wasn’t enough, the secretariat was selling roses during the 5 days of the conference. Offer a rose and you get some love in return. Not bad huh?

To make this article short, because really I could write pages and pages about these past days, the PIMUN was such an incredibly inspiring experience because not only do you expand your knowledge, not only do you put your brain cells to good use, not only do you practice your negotiation skills, not only do you fight off some of your demons such as shyness and fear of speaking in public, you also meet amazing people from all across the world who start as strangers on the first day but end up being really good friends in the space of 4 days.

Yes, this is a statement that diplomacy brings people together!

From Brazil to Syria, from Italy to Morrocco, from Israel and the Netherlands, from Greece and France and Tunisia… Despite our cultural differences, our diverging point of views and opinions we were just a bunch of silly kids yearning AND working towards making the world a better place.

What a magical experience it was…

And now that it’s all over, I’m left with only  one haunting question… What am I supposed to do tomorrow? *crying emoji*

Farewell to you, Diplomacy life.

Until we meet again…


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