39 reasons why I #CelebrateKerry

3 years ago today, April 14th, the twitter fandom started a hashtag named ICelebrateKerry to well, celebrate Kerry Washington.

What started as a hashtag soon took bigger proportions as the outpour of love for Kerry quickly ensued.

Today, as we once again Celebrate Kerry, I wanted to write a special article about all the reasons that makes this woman special & all the reasons why I along with so many others, celebrate her.

So, without further adue, here are 39 reasons why I Celebrate Kerry.

1. She doesn’t belong to the uppity up club of women ashamed about their age. She is actually proud of it. Which is also why I can title this article “39 reasons why I Celebrate Kerry”


2. She is the perfect combination of cute, strong, brilliant & beautiful.

BeFunky Collage

3. She is funny & fun to be with.


4. She leads her life with a beautiful smile on her face.


5. She is my pick me up whenever I feel down.

6. She is the best role model any girl could have asked for.


7. She has the biggest heart & her love for children is so endearing.

BeFunky Collagee

8. Because we are one.


9. She has the best Non Spoiler Spoilers. Proof attached to this.


10. From Broomhilda Von Shaft to Olivia Pope, from Della Bea Robinson to Grace Peeples, she’ll always be Kerry from the block.

giphy (1)

11. She’s the only person who can slay in real life & on TV on the same night at the same time.

BeFunky CollageEE

12. Because this dress. Hmm. Nuff’ said.

BeFunky Collageeeeee

13. She’s what I like to call a shoe whisperer. Girl has the strongest shoe game out there.

BeFunky Collageeeeeeeeeee

14. Her red carpet fashion is to die for!!

BeFunky Collageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

15. She has taught me that there’s nothing sexier than a smart woman.


16. Because her natural beauty shines brighter than any glow photoshop could ever give her *Sips tea*

BeFunky Collageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

17. Did I say she’s beautiful? Yeah? Because she utterly is.


18. In 2 days, we get to see her play Anita Hill & I couldn’t be more excited for it!


19. Her white hat is bigger than everyone else’s.

200_s (1)

20. She says things like :

BeFunky Collage1

21. Sometimes, often times, I feel like she’s directly speaking to my soul.


22. She makes me want to be better eveyrday.


23. She made me realize that I have a voice that matters & that it’s vital for me to use it.


24. She gives me strength to gladiate my way through life.


25. She is a great source of inspiration to so many people, including me. (Proof in all of the pictures I posted above)

26. She plays the role of Olivia Pope so brilliantly & has contributed a great deal to my decision of pursuing law studies.


27. Her humblesness & humility are so refreshing & a daily reminder that good people still exist in the world.


28. Through thick & thin she’ll always be our gladiator.


29. She is an advocate for the humanity.

30. She believe’s in everyone’s rights & enhances everyone’s dreams & hopes & opportunities.


31. She is not afraid to use her voice.

32. She handles every situation with great class & wit.

33. Because she’s so unapolegetically herself in a world often times lead by fake & idealistic people.


34. She has grasped the fact that Hollywood isn’t always about glitter & gold but it’s also a chance to have an impact on the world.


35. She simply makes me happy.

36. She just makes it impossible not to love & admire her.

37. She is enough & she makes me realize that I’m enough too.

38. Because she supports a lot of great causes & you should donate to one of them here : https://firstbook.fundly.com/celebratekerry-1

39. Because you don’t need a reason to celebrate Kerry Washington. You just do. 


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