O.L.I.T.Z (Part 2)

I’m in love.

Yes! truly!

I am.

I’m in love with two people.

I’m in love with a couple.

I’m in love with Olivia Carolyn Grant.

But I’m also in love with Fitzgerald Grant The Third.

And above all, I’m in love with them together.

I’m in love with Olitz.

I can’t help it really.

It just happened. Almost naturally. As if it was meant to be. As if I had no choice but to fall in love with their love.

I mean, how could I not? How can you witness a love like that & not fall in love with it or at least be moved by it?

It’s impossible.

How that man looks at that woman. How he worships the ground she walks on. How he thinks the world of her. Despite everything. How his world turns on its axis just by the mere mention of her name or the smallest look. His whole mood shifts. His world brightens. His eyes become alive & although we can’t see it I’m sure his heart launches itself in a crazy race & the butterflies in his stomach start doing backflips and frontlips.

And I know the same happens for Olivia, although she tends to hide it more than he does. But I really want to talk about how Fitzgerald Grant loves Olivia Pope.

Because that is really indescribable.

It really boggles my mind, a love like that.

On more than one occasion, I asked myself if a love of that magnitude really exists. Are there really two people out there, in the real world, who love each other that way? Who share that unbreakable bond, that deep connection and that all consuming, heart wrenching love?

Is it possible? Is it healthy even?

I don’t know if it is to be honest. But what I do know is that it’s beautiful.

The capacity of one person to love another to that extent. To the point where their every feeling is controlled by the look on the other person’s face. To the point where they can’t sleep or breathe without them. To the point where they wait and watch for them and that other person become their whole world.


It’s scary too. The more I think about it, the more I realize how scary that is; To own a person. Not in a malicious way of course but…

You can’t help it. They can’t help it. The universe can’t help it.

It’s just how it is.

It’s really fascinating too. It makes me wonder about my own love life sometimes.

Will I be able to find someone who will love me the way Fitzgerald Grant loves Olivia Pope?

Will I experience that all consuming type of love?

Am I capable of loving a person that much?

Am I good enough for another person to love me that much?

So many questions. So many fears. So many dreams.

So much hope.

Hope yes! Because as scary as that love appears to be it is also a love that is worth it. That is worth fighting for. That is worth living for. That is worth dying for.

That extraordinary, life-changing, painful, difficult & devastating love.

The love that Fitzgerald Grant The Third has for Olivia Pope.


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