I get nervous.

All the time.

For everything.

And I hate it.

I don’t know where it stems from. I don’t know if it’s a character trait or if it’s something curable but I’m practically nervous all day everyday.

And you’re probably wondering now “How is that possible” while rolling your eyes & regretting clicking on this article.

Well let me explain.

Let’s say for example I’m home & my roommate is in class. Well, since I know her schedule, I know when her class ends. So let’s say I look at the clock & I see it’s 3:30pm. Oh, just when her class ends! So she will be coming home soon.

“Oh my god! Ok let’s calm down” my inner voice will instantly admonishes while my stomach is doing backflips & my heart rate speads up.

From that one look at the clock until she actually comes home I will be nervous. And even though I’m expecting her, I will still  get startled when she rings the doorbell (Yes, most of the time she won’t use her keys when she knows I’m home)

So that was a little example.

A daily life example.

Meaning that I get nervous like that everyday!

Crazy right?

And I mean it’s not like I dread the moment my roommate will get home. She’s my best friend actually, almost like a sister, we’re used to each other. So she’s not the problem. I am.

When aren’t you the problem though?

Oh shut up inner voice.

I will also get nervous before an exam, before a class, when I’m talking with someone, when I’m meeting my friends somewhere I will get nervous until I get to them.

Again…crazy right?

*cough* YOU’re crazy *cough*

I freaking hate my inner voice!

Anyways, I don’t know why I started writing this.

I’m currently waiting for a couple of friends to arrive.

So guess how I’m feeling?


Yes, exactly. Nervous.

I’m nervous.

For a change.

*Inner voice currently rolling eyes at me*


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