November 20th 1979.

The Grand Mosque seizure in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

That’s when it all begun.

That’s where and when blossomed the terror attacks perpetrated by a group of so called Muslims to fulfill a so called mission they are convinced was given to them by the creator and ruler of our universe, God. Well that is absurd really. Even more absurd is that they attacked Islam’s holiest & purest site.

November 20th 1979 is also when the son of a billionaire construction magnate, freshly graduated from university started to get interested by this “mission for the greater good”. It’s when Oussama Bin Laden had his reborn. First, joining Pakistan to help the mujahideen resistance in the soviet war in Afghanistan he then started to want more. He wanted more of a military role.

He wanted Al-Qaeda.

And he got Al-Qaeda.


And from that, it went downhill.

His ideology started to spread over the middle-east, Asia & then Africa. And then, in 1992, the ideology was not an ideology anymore. It turned into actions. Actions that killed millions over the years. Actions that stained the Islam in the world. Actions that made Muslims, good muslims, a target of so many. Actions that spread hatred and ignorance and divided people all over the globe. Actions that caused the drift of humanity. Everyday a little bit more.

September 11th 2001.

We all remember this day.

Unfortunately, once again.

Well, I only was 5 when the two planes crashed into the Twin Towers. But to this day this stays as one of the most horrific events in our modern history. The 5 years old version of me was oblivious to it. I only remember asking my father to change channels whenever images of bearded men would appear on our screen. The 19 years old version of me however, is very much aware of the magnitude and the gravity of what happened 15 years ago.

The 19 years old version of me will also tell you that she believes the approach the then President of the United States, George W Bush, took was wrong. Or at least rushed. I believe it was to quell some of the guilt he was feeling for dismissing the information brought to him about the attacks a few days before it really happened. But these are only my assumptions. Anyways, Bush made catching terrorists & putting an end to terrorism something resembling a witch hunt & by doing so, he proved the words of Ghandi when he said “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”

And it really did.

Today, Oussama Bin Laden is no more. But terrorism is stronger than it has ever been, spreading its wickedness all over the world, strucking numerous countries, getting closer & closer & closer. Everyday.

Today, March 22nd 2016.

The world has once again fallen to its knees because of terrorism.

Today, 34 innocent men & women have lost their lives.

Today, Brussels is hurting and the world is hurting right along with her.

Today, I look around & I wonder… When did this become our reality?

No one is safe, anywhere.

HOW did this become our reality?

When will it stop?

I want it to stop.

PLEASE make it stop!

I can’t handle sad tweets & Facebook posts.

Not anymore.

I can’t handle seeing photos of dead people & the rubble of destroyed buildings.

I have had enough.

I can’t handle any more calls for unicity & “staying strong in front of the enemy” speeches from the world’s leader.

Because where’s the truth in that?

Look at us! 

Look how divided we are.

Look at the twitter trends urging to stop islam because we are SO convinced that Islam is the root to all of our problems.

It’s not.

It never has.

It never will be.

The root to all of our problems is ignorance.


So let’s educate our youth.

Let’s instill in them the importance of learning & the love of learning.

Let’s do that so we can one day look around us & say “I can’t remember the day where terrorism was our reality”

Let’s do that because behind every monster lurks a child who doesn’t know…


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