Scandal thoughts into the light

I really want to address some things that have been going on/said about Scandal ever since it came back.

First of all, i think it is such a shame that people are tuning out. I mean i understand the whole reasoning behind it. Yes we have been promised a lot of things that didn’t happen or got snatched away in front of our very eyes. Yes the evolution of characters (especially Olivia’s) might seem inexistent or rather going in circles. Yes we are fed up with Jake & Rowan & the whole nation’s top secret spy organisation (even though i don’t believe that is very much alive anymore but who knows).

I know it is very hard to think objectively when you’re so involved with the story. I was sad & angry & disappointed & hurt after 509. But i really tried to keep an open mind about things because one Scandal is & will always be my favourite show & two because i truly believe it is about the journey.

Shonda wants to write relatable, true & real characters. And to be able to do that she has to take them on a journey. The journey of life. And as much as I hate the lack of Olitz right now, this separation needed to happen in order to stay true to the journey. I know a lot of people don’t see it as such. That after being promised Olitz At Last we got robbed but the whole Olitz getting together in the first half of season 5 was to make us aware of all the things they need to work on before they truly commit to one another. Again, it is hard to think with your head when you are so involved. But just try for a second. Would you really like them to be together while she still has demons from her past, while she’s still dealing with the magnitude of his love for her, while still being scared of them, while still not being 100% ready for love? & as for Fitz he also has his fair share of demons from his past. He’s freshly divorced. He’s never been alone in 20+ years. And he’s not able to control his love for Olivia in the sense of he can easily lose himself in his love for her & that’s not good for him because he loses sight of things, for her because she gets so scared hence the running away all the time & of course logically it’s not good for them as a couple. Would you really like them to be together in those circumstances? In my opinion it is just as toxic as Mellitz. And may it be after 2 months or 2 years they would have hit a wall at some point. I’m glad it happened sooner rather than later.

I’ve read so many critics about the last two episodes. About Olivia being with Jake. About Olivia & Mellie working together. About Fitz & Olivia being estranged from one another. That is just the surface people. All of that is superficial.

Here’s what I see : i see Olivia being so disgusted with herself, so convinced that she’s unworthy of true love, so guilty because she screwed up things with Fitz that she gives herself to Jake as a self induced punishement. She’s become the prisoner & the jailer. And it is sad. It breaks my heart.

As for Mellivia, i see two women finally standing in their thruth. Finally accepting & admiting their truth to one another. The wife & the other woman. And you may hate their relationship all you want but in order to have true progression of both their characters they needed to open up to one another. Olivia finally admiting that all this time she was scared of what being in a relationship with Fitz meant couldn’t have happened in a conversation with Abby. The arch of the Mellivia scenes in the last episode from being oblivious then confused & scared. From asking the right questions to feigning ignorance & then getting all worked up to finally admiting the answer they knew all along. That arch was a cleanse for both Olivia & Mellie. Now that everything is said & done between them they can both leave a part of the burden they’ve been carrying & move on to other matters.

Now about Olivia & Fitz. Olivia is finally being vocal about her realtionship with Fitz & thus we can see how deeply in love she is with him. She’s realising that although now she regained control & power of her life she is not happy. And this is something she didn’t think she would feel when she left the white house. She thought a sofa would replace Fitz. Except no Sofa can replace Fitz. Fitz on the other hand is lost. He has lost interest in everything & espcially his presidency because of how much it cost him. And him flirting with Lillian Forrester comes solely from a place of loneliness where he’s happy that someone took interest in him, the man & not the president. But at the end of the day if Olivia showed up in the oval office Fitz would be all like “Lillian who?”

Olitz is not dead people. Olitz is finding their way back to each other. Slowly.

Honestly i find this second part of the season so interesting. It is powerful writing & all about standing in your truth & finding yourself…At last. This second part of the season is a crucial time for all the characters & their growth. The journey is coming to an end & granted it’s at its worst now but it has to before it gets to its best. And i think it’s so unfortunate that a lot of people are missing it.


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