I’m smart.

I’m funny.

I’m fun.

I’m witty.

I’m strong.

I’m independent.

And as much as I don’t want to say this due to some big confidence issues, I’m beautiful.

You hear that self?

You’re smart.

You’re funny.

You’re fun.

You’re witty.

You’re strong.

You’re independent.

You’re beautiful. 

Now keep reading those words again & again & again. Till it sticks into that little head of yours. Till you believe it. Till you believe that you don’t need anyone to tell you those things. Till you believe that loving yourself & telling yourself those things is enough. Till you believe that YOU are enough.

Because truth is, you don’t need someone to tell you all of the things you already know about yourself. You are your own person. Love your own person. Reassure your own person. It’s the only person that will never deceive you. The only person that will never cheat on you or lie to you or make you cry.

Run your world & don’t let anyone else run it for you.

Own your actions & don’t let them be dictated by none other than your beliefs, your convictions & your personal will.

Love yourself. For you are beautiful.

Be with yourself. For you are interesting & smart.

Don’t let the love you see pass you by bring you down. For your time will come one day.

And until that time comes, remember :



2 thoughts on “LOVE YOURSELF.

  1. I needed this motivational post ❤️ Thanks! Been a hard week. I haven’t been on FB in years and got back on there with much apprehension for seeing people that would stir negative emotion and it did. But maybe it’s for the best so I can finally throw that out the door once and for all and rise above the pain those people caused me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m happy i could help in some way & you’re very welcome. Oh i can imagine that’s not a pleasant feeling. I hope you can rise above that pain. No one deserves you beating yourself up because of them. Stay strong & I hope you have a great week ahead xoxo


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