Disclaimer :

 I really struggled trying to decide whether I should post this article or not. Honestly, I wrote it from my heart. I have been wanting to write an Olittz article for some time now but somehow I could never find the right words. So yesterday, I decided to just write what comes first to my mind. This is it. 

I understand that it can be seen as idealistic, foolish & naive. To be honest, that’s why I struggled with posting it or not. But, this is truly how I feel & I figured if people who lost all hope & are angry at the show can be so vocal about their opinions why can’t I be vocal about mine as well? So, without further ado, enjoy ! 

They are extraordinary. They are life-changing. And boy do they are painful, difficult & devastating.

They are two people. Two souls. Two hearts…beating as one.

He is Fitzgerald Grant the Third. The President of the United States of America. The most powerful man in the world. He is a true leader, firm & opinionated but behind the scenes? He is a big softie. He is just a man craving the love of one woman.

One woman named Olivia Carolyn Pope. Powerful, spirited, hard-working & driven are true understatements when it comes to the great Olivia Pope. To the world she is a successful crisis manager. The best. She’s strong & opinionated. Feared & intimidating. Behind the scenes? She is a mess. She is a woman in love. She is a woman who doesn’t want to be in love. She is a woman who can’t help but be in love.

Love. That’s what it all boils down to.

Fitzgerald Grant fell in love with an incredible woman. His Livvie. His damsel in a shining armour. Because as Olivia said to him she is not the girl he saves. She doesn’t need protection. Well that is Olivia Pope speaking. However, Livvie does need his protection. She needs his love. She needs him. Fitzgerald Grant. Her knight in a shining armour.

But everytime Livvie gives in, Olivia Pope comes back with a vengeance. And just like that, she goes from the damsel in distress to the damsel in shining armour. All the time. Again & again & again. Round & round & round.

And Fitzgerald? Well. He gets hurt. Then he gets happy. Then it’s back to hurt. Then happy again. And between the two sometimes there is anger & frustration. But mostly hope. Always hope. Never ending hope.

Well that’s what you are when you are a fool in love. Hopeful.

And in some ways, I’m a fool too. For believing that hope will never die for them. For believing in their love & in their happy ending. For believing that somehow, someway they will one day find their way back to each other. For believing that he’s going to forgive her aborting their baby. For believing that she’s going to finally accept the magnitude of his love for her. For believing in them. In all of their extraordinary, life-changing and Oh so painful, difficult & devastating glory.

Because in my mind, all roads lead to Olitz. Yes even the ones with Olake written all over them. Even the ones with Fitz’s Fling written all over them. Even the ones with Rowan Pope written all over them. Even the ones with Olivia running Mellie’s presidential campaign written all over them.

All roads lead to Olitz. All roads lead to Vermont. Eventually. But they do.

And believe me when I say this but Olitz, as Miss Cyrus so calmly stated it-joke that man is never calm-are MFEO : Made for each other.

And again quoting Cyrus Beene’s great words of wisdom : When it comes to Olitz, I will never be done done. I will always be heavy phone breathing done. Or heavy twitter breathing done for that matter.


2 thoughts on “O.L.I.T.Z

    1. Hey there! Thank you! I completely understand where you’re coming from. To be honest i’m also tired of the fights but somehow i can’t seem to be able to quit the show or Olitz. And I do believe that this breakup is the one that will force them to work on themselves individually so that when they get back together it’s going to ve for the long haul.


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