Love the nerd in you!

You know when you’re a kid & you get good grades at school. Often times you’re even the darling of the teacher.

You like it. You’re proud of it.

Unlike your dissipated friends, you don’t get to sit through the parents-teacher meetings with your head hanging low acting as if you were ashamed of your behaviour & promising both parties to redeem yourself for the rest of the school year.


You sit with your parents & teachers with a big smile on your face soaking up their praises & feeling a sense of accomplishment at seeing their eyes brim with pride when they talk about your academic achievements.

You are the good girl. The good student. And you don’t act like the good girl despite yourself. You like it. 

Well you like it until that one faithful day when at recess your friends call you and “egghead”, a “brainiac” or worst intelligent. They point their fingers at you & while cackling loudly they call you a “Mrs Know it all”.

And you look at them outraged, your eyes bulging as if they just informed you they just saw an alien on the playground. Trying to sound as much scandalized as possible, you huff & puff at their accusations & dramatically retort something like :

“Me? Intelligent? Pfff that’s SO not cool ! I’m not intelligent ! I even forgot to do my homework last week”


Oh sorry, that wasn’t the little nice girl who is about to be corrupted talking. That was me, the big girl who has been corrupted in the past scoffing at the little nice girl’s stupidity & naivete. Because if I could’ve talked to that little girl then, I would’ve told her to plaster a big smile on her face, to own up to who she is & to tell that little sucker off until he goes crawling back to his mommy in tears

-Sorry. Kinda got carried away there-

Why do we have to shy away from our intelligence?

Since when a person who has an interest for school work & learning new things become a laughingstock?

How did we allow education to turn into a mockery that can get used against its beneficiaries? 

I know the incident I was retelling happened at a playground between kids. Therefore, most people would tell me to drop it. It’s not a big deal.

But here’s the thing people : IT IS. 

Because those kids are the grown-ups of the future. They are the ones who are going to shape the world & make it a better place…or break it to the grounds. There’s a great quote that says : “Imagine who you want your kids to become. Be that!”

Do you want your kids to become condescending & illiterate bullies? Or do you want them to be leaders, hardworkers, spirited & witty grown-ups? If so, you must speak up!

I’m not saying that we should not let kids be kids but let’s not condone certain behaviours in the name of childhood. Too much of that has been done & the result around us is not that great. Often times I encounter people who seem nice at first sight but who will bore me into oblivion in the first minutes of our conversation. I find myself thinking “Wow! How could you not have heard about that event?” Or “How don’t you know that famous writer?” Or “How can you think that Tunisia is an asian country?”

Personally, I love learning. I love books. I love reading. I love writing. I love that I’m cultivated. And i’m not bragging, it’s just a fact that I’ve come to accept & be proud of with the years passing. My friends often times ask me questions about that historical event or that political scandal or about sports -mostly Tennis- & even about what’s been happening on the latest Keeping up with the Kardashians episode. And I like it. I feel useful because if my clothes don’t stand out or my appearance isn’t great, if someone don’t find me attractive, they can at least find me interesting. I can challenge them. I can poke their minds & I revel in doing so.

And I understand that little nice girl wanting to shy away from her brilliance because I was that little girl. However, with the years passing, as she faces higher academics challenges, as she starts to get recognition & praises from a larger group then her parents & teachers, as she strikes fear & inspires admiration amongst her classmates who won’t want to read their essays after she just finished reading hers, as she grows & matures & turns into the woman she’s supposed to become…she’ll realise that her nerdy self helped her get to where she is now.

One day, that little nice girl ashamed of her nerdiness will realise that she, in fact, loves the nerd in her.

Just as much as I love the nerd in me.

And just as much as you should love the nerd in you.


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