Don’t hate. Just Gladiate!

This article is based on my personal opinion about what is happening in the Scandal world. I understand that some people might disagree with me. To each their coping mechanism. 

A lot of people are angry. A lot of people are disappointed. A lot of people are saddened by what’s happening. And i’ve been reading that some people are quitting Scandal.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m angry & disapointed & saddened by what’s happening. But i could never quit Scandal.

I’m in way too deep that i could never stop watching without knowing what will eventually happen with the characters.

If there’s one thing i truly believe coming out of Shonda’s mouth is that it’s about the journey.

I mean look at Meredith Grey. She started as dark & cloudy, damaged goods. However, her journey got here to a place where now, after 12 seasons, she has a family & friends. She has been loved & has loved. She has grown & matured. And i’m not saying that she’s reached her final destination because obviously if she had the show would be over but she’s getting there & she’s gotten so far already.

Olivia ought to go through the same path. Even though right now her character progression is like a car stuck in a roundabout going round & round & round & round …


As for her needing to reach out to a therapist, i agree but i don’t see it happening anytime soon. We talk about her getting a therapist because it’s the obvious thing to do in this situation.

BUT we forget that we’re dealing with THE Olivia Pope & for her to accept that she needs a professional help to get her life in order is admiting that she’s failing.

Olivia Pope never fails. 

As for Olake. There’s no Olake. At least not for me. There’s Olivia who is in love with Fitz but won’t allow herself to be with him. There’s Jake who wants to be with Olivia despite knowing that she will never love him. Their “relationship” is the band-aid to the Olitz wound. And the promo for 5B only confirms that. Olivia misses Fitz & somehow reaches out to Jale to quench the fire only Fitz can start & mend her broken heart. She reaches out to him with the sole purpose of forgetting about Fitz.

There’s no Olake.

As for Fitz i won’t talk too much about him because it breaks my heart. What i will say is that i’m aching for him & rooting for him.

Right now, i’m in a Fitz state of mind when it comes to the show. Meaning that i have that unconditional love he has for Olivia & despite all the heartaches she puts him through he will always love her to death. That’s me with Scandal.

I will always love the show to death.

I can trashtalk it all I want but at the end of the day i’m still counting down the days till february 11th.

Finally, please understand that to each their own opinion & everyone is free to deal with things however they want to.

Don’t hate.

 Just Gladiate.


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