MY Year of YES!


New Year. New chances. New opportunities. New perspectives. New heartbreaks. New Successes. New failures. New disappointments. New laughs. New Cries. New arguments. New me. New adventures. New discoveries.

Wait rewind!

New what?


Now that’s funny.

As I write this & seriously contemplate the question the only answer I can honestly think of is “Who are you kidding? You’re your same boring self that you’ve been for the past 19 years”

And somehow this answer bothers me.

It bothers me to the point where it makes me want to curl up in a blanket & cry my eyes out.

It bothers me to the point where it makes me want to throw something at the first glass surface which in this case is the window in my living room … Maybe that way I can fly throughout it & soar high, veeery high in the new air of 2016. Well I guess I could do that if I want to pay the handsome doctor in the hospital a very lengthy visit or … I could stop whining & actually do SOMETHING new in this New Year.

Hmmm now that sounds Interesting. Appealing. Exciting. Promising. Challenging.


And so as I was moping about my uneventful life in between songs of Taylor Swift singing about being in love & Adele pouring her heart out about leaving her lover all the while trying to focus on my private law lesson I made a decision inspired by one of the most influential people in my life.

Shonda Rhimes.

Creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal & producer of How to get Away with murder 6 days of the week & the source of my ugly cries, heart aches, headaches & sleep deprivation every Thursdays.

I just finished reading Shonda’s book “Year of Yes” & to say that I was inspired is an understatement. So in true Shonda Rhimes style I decided that this 2016 I’m going to say YES!

And since this whole challenging thing is still new for me who has been in hibernation for the last 19 years I’ve decided to start slow. Starting slow by saying yes to reuniting with my love of writing. Saying yes to writing this blog. Well at least trying to while going through law school. Baby Steps.

But as I write this I pledge to myself, in front of my dog who is watching me furiously type on my laptop while dancing to the beat of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, I pledge to you whoever you are who decided to come in here & read my blabbering thoughts, I pledge to this new year & this new perspectives that 2016 will be MY year of YES.


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